Tess is a passionate and devoted teacher.  She excels at teaching all levels and ages on both pedal and lever harp.  Her lively personality engages young students and her experience as a university faculty is essential for those wishing to study the harp seriously.  Whether you'd like to play for your own enjoyment, hospice, or on the concert stage, Tess is committed to helping you succeed.


I'm an adult, can I take harp lessons?

Yes!  I teach ages 3 - 103!  Children, teenagers, and adults alike are welcome in my studio.

What will I learn in lessons?

Tess always emphasizes a strong technical and musical foundation.  From there, lessons are catered to your individual interests and goals.  Jazz standards, theory, performance skills, music history, songs on the radio, sight-reading, arranging, and more!

How long are lessons?

Lessons are held at her home or via Skype in 30, 45, and 60 minute increments.  

What if I don't have a harp?

Having an instrument at home is crucial for progress.  Tess is happy to help with resources for buying or renting an instrument at every price point.

My child seems to be musically inclined.  How early can he/she start harp lessons?

Children as young as 3 years old can sometimes begin harp lessons.  Contact Tess to see if your child might be ready to begin music lessons.  Tess is trained in the Suzuki Method, which is a fantastic method for young children.  For more information, go to www.suzukiharpinfo.com or www.suzukiassociation.org



"Tess has been Emily's favorite harp teacher.  Emily really feels that she has been able to learn more and progress a lot faster with Tess than with any of her other past teachers.  Tess works very well with Emily's personality and strengths.  As a parent, I know that when my daughter is happy, she is much more engaged and willing to learn.  Thank you!!" - Katee

"Tess makes learning the harp so much fun!  She has the right balance of fun and discipline that is perfect for my daughter.  She always has fun games that motivate my daughter to play her best!" - Cherilyn

 "Tess is invaluable as a teacher. She has excellent organizational skills, an amazing relationship with the students she teachers, interacts professionally with parents, and interacts with kids in a supportive and nurturing manner. She is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the kids learn what they need and is simply the best teacher we've ever had." - Amy  

"I'm a senior and began my life's dream to play the harp a few months ago. Tess has been wonderful and extremely knowledgeable.  She is always available to answer questions. I love playing the harp and have learnt so much more than I expected in a short period of time. Tess has tailored the lessons especially for me never skimping on technique. I would recommend her for all ages, she is simply a kind and knowledgable teacher." - Susan

"I searched long and hard to find a harp instructor. I hit the jackpot with Tess Maxwell. Her experience is as remarkable as her teaching style. She blends skills with theory so you gain a better understanding of why things are performed a certain way. She encourages you to choose pieces you are interested in playing. Finally, Tess is uber supportive. She finds something good in your playing as well as putting in improvement points. I have learned so much under her tutelage."       - Kathleen